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When it comes to vacations, we all have ones that we have loved and others that may finally be laughable in another 10 years. Although you may think your vacation was bad, there’s always someone who has an even worse vacation story to tell.

We’ve rounded up some stories of the craziest vacations from hell from Reddit users, each guaranteed to make you want to cancel your next trip.

“The motel where we were going to spend the night sold our room.”

We got a coupon for a historic hotel in Atlantic City, along the way:

  • We had a tire explode.
  • The motel where we were going to spend the night sold our room to somebody else since it was not paid for yet.
  • The only motel we could find that was not booked was awful, the curtains were fabric nailed to the window frames and I got bed bug bites on my arm because I accidentally put it under the sheets (we slept on top of the sheets).
  • At the ‘historic hotel’ they put $100 hold on us which was pretty much the last of our cash, after getting our tire replaced.
  • I bought a giant ‘famous’ sub and we shared it for like 2 meals.
  • Gambling I turned $5 into $40 and it paid for our tolls home. – Redditor JavierLoustaunau

“My dog got hit by a car”

Went to Tennessee mountains in a cabin. My dog got hit by a car and we spent half the holiday in the vet’s office. He’s fine now.” – Redditor Vaporwave666

“When we got back her husband had left her.”

“We went to Hawaii with my mom in high school. When we got back her husband had left her and moved out of the house while we were gone.” – Redditor KJax1776

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