On Sunday, a 2-year-old boy who was denied a kidney transplant was rushed to the emergency room for a peritonitis infection.

A.J. Burgess’ story has been seen the world over after 11Alive News reported on the fact that he had been denied a kidney transplant. His father, Anthony Dickerson, is not allowed to donate his kidney to his son, even though they are a perfect match.

The reason? Dickerson violated his parole.

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Emory Hospital said that Dickerson had to prove “good behavior” before they would consider the transplant and said that they would revisit the matter in January of 2018, but the family is worried that A.J., who was born without kidneys, will not make it that long.

“The family is asking for people of all faith traditions to be in prayer today for Baby AJ.  His spirit is strong but his body is weakening,” the family’s attorney, Mawuli Davis, said in a statement on Sunday morning.

“Today has not been a good day for baby AJ or the family. But they remain hopeful, strong in spirit even as his body weakens,” said Attorney Mawuli Davis.

U.S. Rep. John Lewis and Hank Johnson, as well as the Coalition to Support Baby AJ’s Transplant, called for a vigil on Sunday night outside of Egleston Children’s Hospital.

The family has been asking anyone can help to expedite the kidney transplant process to please act to save their little boy.