USS Nimitz (CVN 68)

The US Navy announced on Wednesday that the USS Nimitz aircraft carrier had left the Middle East, where it was conducting operations against ISIS, and heading to the Pacific on a previously scheduled visit.

The Nimitz will join two other US aircraft carriers, the USS Ronald Reagan and the USS Theodore Roosevelt, amid ongoing tensions with North Korea.

North Korea has not test launched a missile in over a month, but has continued its threats on Guam and even threatened to detonate a nuclear weapon above ground last week.

Here’s what the three carriers are bringing to the Pacific.

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The USS Nimitz, USS Roosevelt, and USS Reagan are all Nimitz-class aircraft carriers.

The Nimitz, which is the US’s oldest aircraft carrier, was commissioned in 1975, while the Roosevelt was commissioned in 1986 and the Reagan in 2003.


Each carrier is about 1,092 feet long, 252 feet wide, and 134 feet from waterline to flight deck.

Source: US Navy

Each carrier has two nuclear reactors that power four steam turbines and shafts that bring the carriers to speeds of more than 34 mph.

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