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Brides on every continent know that it’s all about the wedding dress.

American actress Meghan Markle, who’s engaged to Prince Harry, has been the center of much speculation about the gown she will wear to her royal nuptials. The duchess-to-be is expected to break with tradition in something sophisticated but modern when she walks down the aisle.

In many countries, a bridal gown is a manifestation of the couple’s heritage. The color, silhouette, and detail are designed in keeping with their customs and religious beliefs. Of course, no two brides are alike, and traditions may vary by region.

Take a look at how wedding dresses are worn around the world.

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Before a Turkish bride leaves her father’s home for the wedding, a male relative ties a red maidenhood belt around her waist. The color signifies luck, sexuality, and happiness.

Sources: Republic of Turkey Ministry of Culture and Tourism and Today’s Zaman

At a wedding in Ribnovo, Bulgaria, the bride gets her face painted white and decorated with colorful sequins by her female in-laws. The custom dates back centuries.

Sources: Reuters and The Guardian

In a traditional wedding in Macedonia, the bride wears an intricately embroidered smock in red, white, and gold.

Source: PannaComp

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