things wedding guests care about

When you’re in the midst of planning a wedding, you are told time and time again that it’s your “special day.” and it should be “all about you.” For the most part this is true. It’s your wedding day and you want to make sure that you are happy with all of your choices. But while you’re busy checking off all of your must haves, it’s important not to forget your guests — many of whom travel long distances, line up babysitters, take time off of work, and spend a lot of money to share in this momentous occasion.

Although most wedding guests really don’t notice all of the little details, there are some things they actually do care about. The following are some simple ways you can keep your guests happy and comfortable without sacrificing the wedding of your dreams.

The bar

An open bar is the obvious preference for most wedding guests. But, if you will be having a cash bar, even if only for part of the reception, it’s important for your guests to know in advance so that they can arrive prepared.

“The bar was open during cocktail hour, and then we went back to get another drink during dinner and BAM, it was a cash bar,” Redditor Ireallyhatesquirrels wrote in the Reddit /r/weddingplanning thread. “We had no cash. And the nearest ATM was half a mile away. And it was raining. I’m personally not a big fan of the cash bar in general, but if you’re going that route, you really need to give your guests a heads up.”

The food

It’s not that guests are really that particular about the menu at a wedding, they just want to know when they can expect to eat, especially if alcohol is being served. When will dinner be served? Will there be hors d’oeuvres or other snacks served during the cocktail hour?

“Cocktail hour was long, and there was no food. By long, I mean like an hour and a half,” Redditor NguoiYeu wrote of a recent destination wedding. “It’s not unreasonable normally, but we had spent the day in the indoor water park in the resort and were starving. Toss in an open bar, and it was not a good mix.”

Being invited to both the ceremony and reception

A surefire way to make your guests feel uncomfortable is to exclude them from either the ceremony or reception. Although there are those who would feel relieved not to have to sit through a religious ceremony, most people who love you want to see you tie the knot. But, wedding guests seem to be most offended when they aren’t included in the reception.

Redditor huhlow explained, ” … being invited to the ceremony but not the reception … I would feel like they just want my gift but not my presence.”

“Well, we were invited to JUST the ceremony and not the entire reception,” Redditor ElissaLove wrote. “We were able to dance a little, and see the bride and groom, but when it came time to do the dinner and continue on … we didn’t have seating cards. That was awkward. We were pretty shocked (and embarrassed).”


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