Brazil has long been a dream destination for casual and avid travelers alike, but the process of getting to the country, which requires U.S. citizens to get a visa before they can stroll through São Paulo or chill beachside in Rio de Janeiro, has kept many Americans from exploring the country for themselves.

Brazil isn’t alone in requiring U.S. visitors to obtain visas, but the process is daunting, requiring travelers to make an appointment at the nearest Brazilian consulate and to bring a passport, recent photo, an application and a copy of the airline tickets, which is enough to make anyone want to choose another destination altogether.

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Seeking to attract more tourists from North America, Japan and Australia, Brazil has finally made the process of obtaining a visa easier. Beginning in January 2018, citizens from the U.S. can apply for an E-visa, expediting the application process. Travelers will be able to apply for the document online and wait just 74 hours for an electronic visa to be issued. While the $160 price tag to obtain the document will stay in place, the new streamlined system will have you sipping a caipirinha on the beach in no time. Find out more about the new E-visa here.