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Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Argentinian Man Denied Great-Aunt’s Pension

Mauricio Ossola was 23 when he got married to Yolanda Torres–his 91-year-old great-aunt–in 2015. Since her death, however, the social security system says he is not entitled to a widower’s pension. He claims they married for love (which is even creepier, if true) but Argentina’s social security system refuses to believe him.

Since Torres’s death last year, the state retirement fund has refused to pay the young man a widower’s pension, arguing that the couple were not legitimately married. Ossola told the Salta newspaper El Tribuno this week,“I loved Yolanda in the purest way it is possible to love someone, and that feeling, together with the pain her loss has caused me, will be with me to the end of my days.”

Such pensions are only given as an award if the deceased can be proven to have been the only monetary support of the surviving partner–this would clearly not be the case for Ossola who is now a 26-year-old lawyer.

The law student said that despite their 68-year age difference – and the fact that they were relatives!!! – the marriage was perfectly legal according to Argentinian law. He told El Tribuno he would take his case all the way to the supreme court if necessary….okay sir, get your money up.