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The Brooklyn singer channels the unchampioned power of early-2000s r&b on her debut project

Nostalgia is a generationally-relative fixation. It pads the unrelenting realities of adulthood with the recall of an easier, seemingly-unthreatened era. For Ajo, a late-blooming Brooklyn upstart, that longing comes at an emotional cost.

On her debut EP, Deja Boo, Ajo crafts a slick and shifty five-track of late-nineties and double oh r&b dreams, floating through (at times painful) memories, testing her capacity to revisit them. A smokey and confident tone threads the decade-jumping suite, as the dial ticks from the G-funk-tinged “Talking in His Sleep” to the melancholic melody of a dissonant “What You Need” cover, closing with the swaggering knock of “Retrospect,” Deja Boo‘s hard salute to Baby Girl and the power of reclaiming your joy after it all falls apart. The lead-in, “Drop The Clouds” could easily fit on either end of the project, an ethereal slice of atmospherics that sets the mood pre or post two-step.

Hear Ajo’s Deja Boo below and look back with a smile.

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