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Louis C.K. Accused Of Sexually Harassing 5 Women

ALL the Hollywood skeletons are popping out of the closet, now!

The latest power player to get exposed is comedian Louis C.K. The highly successful funnyman has been accused of routinely…um, “self-satisfying” in front of unsuspecting women or while on the phone with them.

According to TMZ, five different women have come forward claiming he either masturbated in front of them, asked to if he could whip it out, or pleasured himself while on the phone with them — all without their expectation or consent.

The allegations go back as far as 10 years, with stars like Courtney Cox and David Arquette confirming that they knew for a fact an incident like this happened with an actress on a show they produced together. They told The New York Times that a woman on the show told them that Louis C.K. asked the woman if he could masturbate in front of her while he was guest starring.

HBO has since moved to remove all of his comedy specials and his 2006 comedy series “Lucky Louie” from their On Demand and streaming services.

SMH! These Hollywood men are going to have to learn to leave their coworkers alone out here…