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People gathered in Atlanta to protest the Trump administration on Saturday, November 4, 2017.

What exactly are they protesting against? According to WSB-TV news, the group is “against fascism and the protest was part of several planned demonstrations across the nation.”

Officers were all over securing the area with barriers and keeping counter-protesters on opposite sides to avoid conflict.

“I’m very against and very afraid that our country is turning to a fascist society, “explained Susan Riea a protester.

On the other hand, Trump supporters were disappointed at the turnout with one saying, “There’s supposed to be a lot more of them and there’s not.”

Others showed up to start a conversation in understanding different political viewpoints.

Yosef Ozia, an onlooker at the protest said, “Mostly I disagree with what they’re saying, but they have the right to what they’re saying.”

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(Source: WSB-TV)