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Mom Allegedly Kills Her Two Daughters and Tells Husband ‘Babe I Just Shot the Kids’

A horrific news story is coming out of Texas. A woman by the name of Sarah Nicole Henderson, 29, allegedly shot her little ones Kaylee Danielle, 7, and Kenlie, 5 while they slept in the head. Henderson then went into the bed room where her husband, and the stepfather of the girls was resting and said in disbelief of herself “Babe, I just shot the kids”. The two young girls were already dead from gun wounds to the head.

The step-dad, Jacob Henderson, called police to their home near Mabank, Texas, for the second time that evening, according to the Associated Press. Jacob made a prior call to 911 on Wednesday at about 11:30 p.m. to report that his wife was possibly suicidal, CBS News reported. The AP reported Jacob could be heard sobbing in the call, saying, “She was asleep when I went to sleep last night. I woke up and she came in there [and] said, ‘Babe, I just shot the kids.’ And I didn’t want to believe it. I went in there and they were dead.”

So sad.

According to the AP, Sarah could be heard in the background asking her husband to kill her or shoot her, at one point yelling, “God what did I do?”

Sarah has been charged with one count of capital murder, but another capital charge is pending and other charges are possible, the AP reported. She is currently being held at the Henderson County Jail on suicide watch, with her bond set at $2 million.