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Cardi B Claps Back At Folks Doubting She Could Afford Offset’s Birthday Wraith

Cardi B buys Offset a car for his birthday and a bunch of broke boys (and girls) turned into twitter financial advisors. Cardi B, who just recently secured a million dollar deal with Steve Madden, actually took a moment to address her haters, using one woman as a hilarious example. Twitter user @EbtheCeleb tweeted:

why is cardi b spending that much $ on anything… like she ain’t worth enough to be spending that much dough on something that depreciates in value


And Cardi B immediately clapped back:

Baby you don’t know what i got .Dont let these Google searches get you f-cked up ,I work everyday ,I save and invest 😉 and i got a lot of deals on my table ,Myman deserves it ! I mean he did put half a mill on my finger what your Man doing for you ??


Whoooo! Cardi continued:

In the month of December i only have 3 days OFF ,yesterday was my first day today I’m back to work on my hubby Bday.I work too hard that’s why i spend my money how i want too spend it and because financial adviser say i can. Don’t clock my pockets.



Cardi didn’t stop there to prove a point, she clapped at another hater on IG for doubting her financial stability.


Of course, this topic caused a ton of opinions to be made about Belcalis’ financial future. Hit the flip for more.