On Tuesday, Fox News hosted a town hall event to talk about the NFL national anthem protests, and during that town hall, two black women schooled the white men around them on what the protests were about.

“We have to look at the facts,” Wendy Osefo explained when asked by “Fox & Friends” host Ainsley Earhardt if the protests were about race. “The facts are Donald Trump has only attacked black athletes.”

“There’s also the Confederate flag, which has also been divisive, and he has not made comments about that,” she added. “So let’s start having that discourse and that conversation.”

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What’s more, Black attorney Kish Hebbon, who was seated between two white Trump supporters, argued that kneeling was more effective than rioting.

“And just because you are paid millions of dollars as an athlete doesn’t mean you can’t exercise your constitutional right to freedom of expression,” she explained. “And I think that it’s effective because look at how much attention this has received from the media, from the government. And I think the president does not have the right to tell these private entities to fire someone just because just for exercising their constitutional rights.”

Check out the video of the town hall below.