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Camp Flog Gnaw is a Utopia for All The Flower Boys and Girls [Recap]

Photo Credit: GoldenVoice

Clothing, cartoons, festivals… oh my! Tyler, THE CREATOR.

Just two days after opening his Golf Wang flagship store in Los Angeles, Tyler, The Creator‘s 6th annual CAMP FLOG GNAW festival commenced and all the flower boys and flower girls united for two days in Tyler’s utopic carnival.

At just 26 years old he has built an empire. In addition to amusement park rides, games with branded carnival prizes, a small stage for deejays and all the cotton candy a girl can dream of, there was floral patterns galore, tidal waves of concert-goers decked in GOLF merch in every directions, clips from his animated show, The Jellies! on the screens, and… a stellar two-day lineup.

Despite a majority of the attendees being under the legal drinking age, it wasn’t as rambunctious or hectic as you would imagine. Remember when Kanye West said “Listen to the kids?” These were the “kids” he was talking about. Carefree, friendly, with a premium on having a good ass time. Leave any thoughts of Trump possibly getting us into WWIII at the gates. This was about straight up FUN at the behest of President Wolf Haley.

From Solange being unapologetically black AF to a surprise appearance from Thundercat to catching feels for Jorja Smith and finally seeing my fairy godmother Kelis perform live, at last, this weekend was stacked with dream-come-true moments.

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