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Cardi B Performs For Her Fans After Being Played By The Venue

UPDATE (11:42 AM)

A little bit of English morning tea to start your day. Looks like the two promoters handling the event are hashing it out over social media, trying to blame the fiasco on one another.

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Stank Self Made, the promoter in charge of the event, alleges that the reason Cardi ain’t get her bread is because he partnered with Morg W Productions, and they’re at fault for the whole thing.

Not long after, Morg came with receipts, texting someone a credit union receipt that then ended up getting posted on Twitter. Looks like the $20,000 that came outta her pocket means her part of the bargain was fulfilled, and she’s claiming all the other BS falls on Stank.



Y’all f’ing with the wrong girl….

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On Friday night, Cardi B was set to perform in New Orleans at Studio 233. After posting the flyer on her Instagram, it seemed like everything was all good and this performance was just another day in the life of Cardi. But when it came time for Belcalis to actually perform, things ended up getting a little sticky.

Certain club promoters work out different deals with the performers they get for their venues, often giving the stars half of their payment when they book them, and the other half once they actually show up that night to perform. On November 3rd, it looks like when Cardi held up her end of the bargain showing up to do her thing, there wasn’t any type of bag for her.

Most artists would end up just leaving–which they’re entitled to, since they aren’t being paid–but not knowing what goes on behind the scenes, it can end up being bad publicity for seemingly skipping out on a show. Cardi B knows this, and she knows that the fans aren’t at fault for the promoter’s foolishness (they all paid to get into the club) so she acted differently than most artists would.



Cardi addressed fans in the crowd, calling out the people who shorted her the fee she was promised for performing. But for the fans, she still stayed to perform 2 songs just out of the love of her heart. If these people who played Cardi B thought she wouldn’t put them all the way on blast in front of everyone, they were sorely mistaken.

Get your bread, Cardi!