Little Hope For Marijuana Sentencing Reform Any Time Soon

A cultivator’s case in Missouri reveals the lengths left to go before harmful prohibition drug laws are repealed. A 77-year-old Missouri man will serve a decade in prison, despite the presiding judge’s wishes, due to mandatory minimum sentencing on a marijuana cultivation charge. In 2012, Polk County detectives came up empty in a search for an address linked to credit card fraud. They made their way onto the property of

Cannabis Industry Insiders Believe Weed Will Fund the 2028 Olympics

Michael Phelps might be ahead of the curve yet again. The organizers of the 2028 Olympics are about to find out just how green the grass is on the other side. Cannabis industry insiders assert that California state revenue from marijuana legalization will play a major role in funding the 2028 Summer Olympics hosted by the city of Los Angeles. Although the Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games will receive

Product Review: Rove Vape Pen

This vaporizer puffs a variety of smooth smokes. In the wide world of vape pens, there are so many flavors. Sometimes vapes are cloyingly sweet candy bursts — something like the supersized sugar sticks kids beg for at Disneyland — and sometimes their essence alone suggests great pairings. The sativa Tangie from Rove is a vape of the later category, as puffing it in the morning evokes a citrus burst

Colorado Business Owner Pays Tribute To California’s Pot Pioneers

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The leaders in California set the stage for cannabis across the country. As a Colorado-based cannabis business owner, I’ve long been rooting for sensible marijuana reform to take hold in states across the country. But as California prepares to implement Proposition 64 this January, I can’t help but think about the many medical cannabis warriors in California who came before me, steadily tilling fertile ground for broader cannabis reform. California