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Madlib Pitchfork Festival 2015 Photo by Gretchen Villaluna

Photo Credit: Gretchen Villaluna Baria /Moonhouse Productions

Celebrating The Beat Konducta’s 44th rotation

At the top of 2017, we launched our Cheat Sheet playlist series as a nod to the encyclopedic minds of music’s most prolific samplers. The ones known for the copious bridges built out from the present in both directions, the ones that reanimate sonic artifact and send them down the wormhole of their preferred hardware.

Our first installment paid tribute to the late J Dilla. And today, for our final Cheat Sheet transmission of 2017, we’re honing in on the only producer and sample archive that could be considered kindred to The Detroit Swing Specialist. Toasting to 44 years and still spinning under the sun, our latest dive illuminates the diligent, otherworldly digging of Madlib.

Known for his phantom loops and a simply unmatched ear for compelling oddities of all generations, genres and dimensions of the terrestrial music canon, the Stones Throw producer has emerged from an era saturated by boom bap and chipmunk soul as the sampling tradition’s weirdest and most wonderful pioneer. Madlib’s sounds chart the world and his own travels upon the many paths of rhythm, pulling with equal force from Bollywood scores, East Asian traditionals, cosmic jazz, cartoon jingles and stock computer music, building psychedelic suites from buried gems.

He’s done his damndest to cover his tracks,  but we scoured the Spotify banks to bring you this absolutely massive haul of sample material from The Beat Konducta’s book shelves. Of course, this isn’t everything. But if nearly 1,500 songs — clocking in at 114-hours-plus in length — doesn’t give you a good start, don’ even bother.

Hear a special Madlib edition of the Cheat Sheet below. Happy born day, Loop Digga, and thank you for expanding the landscape of hip-hop outward and upward.


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