The singer begins an apology campaign

I don’t envy Chrisette Michele a bit. The Grammy-winning singer saw her stock take a preventable hit when she agreed to perform at Trump’s inauguration (an even the president has tirelessly defended since it happened at almost every available opportunity.)

It was preventable only because of how many of her peers warned her of the toll it would take in her career. Questlove offered to pay her not to perform, while Spike Lee removed her music from his upcoming Netflix adaptation of She’s Gotta Have It upon learning that the singer had chosen to give the dark side a chance; another check gone before it had even arrived.

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Needless to say, what many assumed was a money-grab performance ended up costing her much more, and a recent interview with The Breakfast Club itemizes the damages. According to Michele, not only was she dropped from Capitol Records, but she believes that the subsequent stresses of being associated with a man hated by so many, a man she claims to have never supported even in her performance, have brought on suicidal thoughts and led to a recent miscarriage, which she details in the interview.

The interview echoes of regret and many explicit apologies to her fanbase. It’s available to see above in full.


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