In a shocking turn of events, it looks like Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson might be dating one another. If this seems strange that’s because it is.

You might remember back in the summer when Olympios accused Jackson and ABC of knowingly violating her sexually after she claimed she got blackout drunk and had some type of sexual relations with Jackson in a pool.

This happened during the filming of Bachelor in Paradise and production had to be shut down for awhile while the incident was investigated. The situation was so serious that Jackson lost his job over the allegations.

Now they are attending Halloween parties together and looking awfully cozy.

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Jackson posted a pic of the pair in their costumes and captioned, “This fembot captured me tonight” along with a rose emoji.

While people are assuming the duo is dating, they insist they are nothing more than friends. “We’re extremely close. We talk, like, every day. We hang out. We do things that friends do,” Jackson said before noting Olympios is “the most drop dead gorgeous girl in the world.”

“We’re really good friends and just hang out a lot and I’m super happy to be here with him tonight,” Olympios stated. “It’s really good that we could just be friends and have no worries about any drama or anything like that.”

Someone asked Jackson if he and Olympios have kissed since the show and he answered, “I don’t kiss and tell.” Which doesn’t exactly sound friend-like.

What do you think, are they dating or just hanging out as friends? Comment below.

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