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Dawn Richard is baring it all in a new ad for PETA speaking out against animal skins being used in clothing.

The ad shows a naked Richard with her skin being peeled off of her body, along with the words: “Leather Is a Rip-Off. That Leather Jacket or Upholstery Was Someone’s Skin.”

In an exclusive video interview with PETA, Richard explained that she wanted to do the ad in order to give voice to animals: “[A]nimals don’t have the ability to say how much pain they’re in or tell you not to rip their skin off for your ability to wear something.”

Dawn Richard is naked and skinned alive for new PETA ad entertainment Dawn Richard 1 228x300

— Sports Illustrated cover features protesting athletes but not Colin Kaepernick — 

Richard also recently wrote a letter to H&M calling for them to take down all of their products made of animal skins, after a PETA exposé revealed that the leather processor that H&M obtained its leather from was guilty of electroshocking and beating cows and bulls and of branding its cattle in the face. She also claimed that the leather process itself was dangerous for the environment.

“[T]here’s no good reason for H&M to continue selling animal skins,” she wrote. “and as leather products account for less than 1 percent of H&M’s product range, replacing leather goods with sustainable, eco-friendly, and gorgeous cruelty-free alternatives should be feasible.”

Check out some behind the scenes footage from the shoot below.