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Boy, bye…

Peter Gunz Says Amina Buddafly Is Partially To Blame For His Cheating

Creep squad indeed. Peter Gunz’ recent behavior on an episode of “Marriage Boot Camp” is getting him dragged to the black crust that used to cover the bottom of his feet.

As previously reported Peter and his (estranged?) wife Amina are currently on the WEtv show to work on their strained marriage that included Amina being pregnant at the same time as Peter’s “ex” Tara Wallace.

Well according to Peter himself, he shouldn’t be completely to blame for his dirty doggin.’ Why? Because Amina started dating him knowing he wasn’t completely done with Tara, who was already the mother of his two children.


“When you and I got married, you know she didn’t know we were getting married but also knew I was going home to her after we got married,” said Peter. “Although 95% of that is my blame, I just want you to admit that it was wrong on both of our ends.”

Aftr we got married, you continued to tell me that you were done there,” said Amina.

Boy if you don’t get……….

That’s not all, Peter and Amina have been doing interviews together and you’ll probably be surprised to hear what she really thinks about her husband/father of her two kids.

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