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Messy, messy, messy…

Somaya Reece And Lady Luck Blast Each Other On Social Media

Things seem to be wrap between a couple whose sweet same-sex romance was many people’s “couples goals.” Somaya Reece and Lady Luck who got engaged in March are currently feuding over someone’s messy behavior. According to Somaya someone’s been disloyal and she has the screenshots to prove it.

“Since hoes wanna be thirsty💦 I’m a diamond,” wrote Somaya in a since deleted post. But you like pebbles! Maybe it’s how I was raised but I DO NOT F*** WITH DISLOYALTY! At all.”
“P.S don’t try to post things to make you “look” better,” she added. “You must have forgot. I have SCREEN SHOTS! Play with me if you want silly girl.”

Instagram Photo
Soooo Lady Luck liked someone’s Instagram post or did something more go on???

Does this mean the engagement’s off???

Hit the flip to see Lady Luck’s response.