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Erykah Badu Talks Life, Being A Doula and Death on Vice’s ‘Desus & Mero’

Source: YouTube

The singer-songwriter and passionate doula talks with late night TV hosts, Desus and Mero, about what inspires her to help people through childbirth.

Ms. Erykah Badu has been one of the most prolific artists doing it in a major way. With her homegrown sense of style, music and innovative tactics that she funnels through the web, Badu has become the godmother of sorts, appreciated by both the young and old in the game. In part, Badu was a guest on the popular Vice late night talk show, Desus and Mero, where she was on-hand to talk about another job outside of music that’s she is passionate about—being a doula.

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Yes, Ms. Medulla Oblongata, aka Sara Bellum, visited the Bodega Boys on Thursday, as part of promotion for the upcoming Soul Train Awards. They cracked a few jokes, yes, but what was really interesting was hearing Badu discuss what inspired her to become a doula in the first place. For those who don’t know what a doula does, a doula helps people at the beginning of their lives through childbirth, and the end of their life, in death.

Even cooler, at the 15:33 mark, Desus and Badu share their fond memories of @Okayplayer and shout us out for being a big influence in their lives.

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Press play on the video below, and don’t forget to keep an eye out for Badu when she is in your town performing.

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