The Hollywood agent that was accused of groping Terry Crews at a party last year has now been identified.

Adam Venit is the head of the motion pictures department at the William Morris Endeavor talent agency. He has been placed on leave while Crew’s allegations are investigated.

Venit is well known in the industry, representing big-name celebrities like Emma Stone, Eddie Murphy, and interestingly, Dustin Hoffman and Brett Ratner who are two of the others who have been accused of sexual assault or harassment.

Crews told his story, without identifying the man, when the Harvey Weinstein story first broke.

— Terry Crews reminds us that we have to talk about sexual assault of Black men and boys —

He stated that the reports he was hearing were traumatic for him. “Why?” he asked, “Because this kind of thing happened to ME,” he tweeted, before describing how a “high level Hollywood executive” groped his “privates” at a party.

“Jumping back I said What are you doing?! My wife saw everything n we looked at him like he was crazy. He just grinned like a jerk,” Crews wrote on Twitter.

“He called me the next day with an apology but never really explained why he did what he did,” Crews went on.