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Getty Images (Actual tattoo not shown)

Walmart Shooter Tattoos Victims Names On Tombstones Before Court, Gets Sentenced To Centuries In Prison

This dude was BEGGING to go to jail forever, and that’s pretty much what happened.

Reportedly, a white man convicted of shooting at police officers outside a Pennsylvania Walmart in 2015 arrived in court for his sentencing with a disturbing jailhouse tattoo on his forearm which featured tombstones bearing the names of his would-be victims! The ink depicts a skull hovering over five tombstones bearing the names of his would-be victims.

Scott Sargent, 33, was found guilty of nearly two dozen charges stemming from the shootout where he attempted to murder a police officer in front of a crowded Walmart, along with other offenses like aggravated assault and reckless endangering. The judge ordered a minimum of 179 years in prison to a maximum of 358 years. BOOM!

Now he can sit in jail for a few centuries and stare at his dumb a$$ tattoo and reflect.