American Airlines First Class

  • I got a deal on a first-class one-way ticket because I was breaking up my transcontinental flight.
  • American Airlines was the carrier.
  • There were pluses and minuses, but I’d do it again,

When I travel on my own dime, I often bump myself up to business class. But rarely first class. At Business Insider, we typically fly coach, but I recently had a chance to add a first-class ticket to a return trip from Los Angeles, so I thought I’d flip for the seat and pay the extra $250.

The reason I got a good deal was because I flew back to the New York area on two planes. I don’t mind breaking up my flights for a cheaper ticket, but I do have to add in some margin for error if I miss a connection or experience a delay.

I haven’t flown domestic first class in a long time, mainly because I don’t really think it’s worth it. Transatlantic flights are a different story, but even then I think business class is a better deal.

So how was domestic first this time around, on American Airlines? Read on.

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For comparison’s sake, let’s start with my coach flight out. It was on an Airbus A321.

I’m not a big guy — 5’7″ — so tight seating usually doesn’t bother me unless it’s ridiculously tight. My window seat on this American flight wasn’t too bad.

And the plane wasn’t packed, so I had the whole row to myself.

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