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Tyrese Ordered To Cease Physical Punishment And Go To Counseling

Tyrese has finally been reunited with his daughter Shayla after months of separation and obvious emotional turmoil. The actor/singer shared a precious photo of he and his daughter having a happy solo stroll on the beach today, looking very blissful.

Instagram Photo

Tyrese will also be afforded the opportunity to spend Christmas and New Year’s, but their reunion does NOT come without some court-ordered stipulations. According to documents discovered by TMZ, neither Tyrese nor Norma may physically discipline their 10-year-old daughter any longer.

On top of all that, Tyrese has to take court-ordered classes on appropriate parental discipline methods. He and Norma BOTH must enroll in a “high conflict parenting” course, and Tyrese and Shayla must enter joint therapy with a psychologist, while Shayla has separate therapy sessions of her own.

Sounds like a solid approach, don’t you think?