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Legendary Hip-Hop Podcast Host Combat Jack Is Fighting Colon Cancer

Source: YouTube

The Legendary hip-hop podcaster Combat Jack has been diagnosed with colon cancer.

Jack via the Twitter account for his Combat Jack Show, released the following statement:

From Reggie “Combat Jack” Osse:

“Internets, what’s up? It’s your man Combat Jack. In 7 years of podcasting, I’ve never missed an episode. I got hit with some real life sh*t. I was recently diagnosed with Colon Cancer. I was rushed to the hospital, had some pretty severe surgery. I’m on the mend right now. I’m about to jump on this journey to health with chemo and alternative medicine. Take care of your health. Your boy ain’t going nowhere though. We’re gonna keep doing this. Keep rocking with us. #RaiseTheBar #CombatCancer Let’s Go!


A former hip-hop music attorney and executive, as well as the former managing editor of The Source, Combat Jack, real name Reggie Osse, leads the Combat Jack Show podcast alongside co-hosts Dallas Penn, Premium Pete, DJ Benhameen, AKing, and Just Blaze. Several months ago Jack spoke with us as a part of our Faces of Black Twitter series, discussing what #BlackTwitter means to him and how he became an influential voice through social media.

“#BlackTwitter is the digital safe space in which people of color and all of our spiritual kinfolk of all colors can convene and discuss issues which are unapologetically black,” Jack said. “Social justice, #BlackLivesMatter, what dat mouf do?, Bron Bron’s hairline, what did Wale say now? #BlackTwitter is the virtual barbershop and hair salon that takes centuries of our behind-the-doors discourse and prominently places it on the world’s stage. #BlackTwitter is incredibly empowering.”

“I am fortunate to have been mentored to seek and see #BlackExcellence everywhere because black excellence is everywhere. We have all been brainwashed in seeing just the negative in black people, but even in some of those so-called negatives, I see excellence,” he added. “So, as I continue to train my eyes in seeing our collective greatness everywhere, I am inspired to encourage others in seeing the greatness of our people everywhere, every day.”

Okayplayer wishes Jack a speedy recovery.

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