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“This is what the Charleston Sunsets sound like in music form.”

Matt Monday burned through the summer with a string of glossy trap-touched anthems. With winter now in sight, the Charleston export is keeping his lane hot en route to his new album Candy Paint Playgrounds, the follow-up to 2016’s debut, Filthy.

Today he shares a new offering from the upcoming project with the premiere of his soulful new romp, “Sunset Unlmtd.” Departing from its icy, steel-toed predecessor, “Get Inside,” his latest single commences with a heavy hook echoing over cavernous subs. Monday breaks through the spacious chorus and the flutter of a horn with bootstrap laments, waxing nostalgically triumphant over student loans and ducking streetlife.

On his new album, Monday tells us via email that “this is the untold story of the black and brown boys and girls in North Charleston, SC.” A release date has yet to be announced.

Hear Matt Monday’s latest single below. Hit the link to get acquainted via Soundcloud and hold tight for his next transmission.


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