Morehouse College’s athletic director escaped an armed robbery in his own home wearing nothing but gym shorts after a Craiglist meeting gone wrong.

Police were dispatched in response to a report of a person with no shoes or shirt calling for someone to call 911. An officer found Andre Pattillo “very sweaty, out of breath and only wearing gym shorts” and invited him to sit in the back of his cruiser so that he could get his breath back before telling him what happened.

Pattillo explained that he had invited a woman he met on Craiglist over to his home, but she was on her phone the entire time they were drinking together, so he decided to go lie down. That was when he noticed the door was open.

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When he asked the woman about it, she said that she’d gone out and forgotten to close the door again, but when Pattillo went back to his room, a male suspect entered his room, pointed a gun at him, and ordered him to get down on the ground. He also heard another male’s voice but did not see him.

When the woman came into his room, Pattillo heard her say,  “Baby I’m sorry. I just needed some money for my kids.”

While the man and woman were taking things from his house, Pattilo made a run for it, and he heard the woman say, “Baby, he is getting away.”

He rushed to a different residence and asked the woman there to call 911.

The suspects, who have not yet been identified, made off with a phone, a bank card, a laptop and a Glock 9mm. No arrests have yet been made.