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New York Couple Shocked Black Teen Has Issue With Their Confederate Flag

Source: North Country Public Radio/WNYC

A New York couple thought a black teenager would agree with them that their Confederate flag was “not racist.” The teen’s response left them surprised.

Today in white people news, in a report from WNYC, Ricky Barber, a resident in Plattsburgh, New York, spoke on why he owns a Confederate flag.

“You’ll hear all these people that gathered down South that are blacks. What about their Black Lives Matter flags? That’s pushing back on the white people. Us white people, we retaliate by, ‘Hey, we got a Confederate flag and whatnot,’” Barber said.

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“We are not a racist couple, and we own the flag,” Becca Lee, Barber’s fiancée, said. “I don’t judge people. I don’t care what color skin they are — if they need defending, I’m going to defend them. That’s what a Southern belle does.”

From there, the report then includes an interaction where Barber asked a black teen playing nearby if the Confederate flag was racist.

“Are you opposed to the flag at all?” Barber asked the teen. “Do you have a problem with the flag, as a black person?”

The teen’s response? “Yeah, it is offensive to me,” the teen said. “This is the flag of people who want to bring slavery back.”

The report then describes the couple as being caught “completely off-guard” and offering to sit down with the teen at some point to talk about what the flag means to them.

Source: wnyc.org

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