Two NYPD officers told a teenage girl in handcuffs that they were “freaks” before raping her in a police van.

The detectives, Eddie Martins and Richard Hall, now demoted, pleaded not guilty in an indictment that spanned 50 charges, including first-degree rape, first-degree criminal sexual act, second-degree kidnapping and official misconduct.

They disputed the teen’s testimony that she was raped after they threatened to arrest her for marijuana possession, claiming that the sex was consensual and pointing to statements the girl made on social media.

“The alleged victim has motive — financial gain — bragging about making $50 million on social media,” said Hall’s attorney, John Arlia.

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According to details released by acting Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez, the officers were involved in a “buy and bust” operation and left their post without permission. They pulled over a teenage girl who had two male friends in the car. The girl admitted to having weed as well as anti-anxiety medication. The cops then placed her under arrest and told her friends to pick her up in three hours from the precinct, telling them not to follow the police van.

Martins then allegedly told the handcuffed girl after driving off, “We’re freaks — what do you want to get out of this arrest?”

Martins then allegedly forced the teen to perform oral sex on him and raped her in the backseat while Hall watched. They then parked the van and switched places, with Hall forcing the girl to give him oral sex and raping her in the backseat while Martins drove.

They then gave the victim her anti-anxiety medication back and released her after warning her not to tell anyone. The teen told a friend what had happened and went to Maimonedes Medical Center, where DNA was reportedly recovered from the cops.

Both officers have been stripped of their badges and suspended without pay, and they both face up to 25 years in prison.