Odell Beckham Jr. and rapper Iggy Azalea and are reportedly dating.

According to multiple sources speaking to Us Weekly, the two of them are, in fact, an item.

“It’s new, very fresh,” one insider said of the relationship.

The two kicked off dating rumors in May when they were seen at the same bowling alley in Los Angeles and posed for group pictures with Paris Hilton and her boyfriend, Chris Zylka. However, at the time, Azalea denied the dating rumors.

“I literally don’t even know Odell Beckham. I don’t,” she told TMZ. “He was at my friend’s party and we took a picture with a bunch of people and that’s it. I don’t know him. I’ve not even had a conversation with him.”

She also said that they would have a “long way to go” before they could date, considering she knows absolutely nothing about football.

“I don’t watch football! I saw Lady Gaga [perform] at the Super Bowl, that’s it,” she admitted.

But now, it looks like the two of them are at least dating, though an Us Weekly source admitted that it isn’t serious yet, saying, “They hook up, but are still hooking up with other people.”

It looks like we’ll just have to wait and see where this goes.