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Las Vegas Police Union Demands NFL Investigate Michael Bennett For 'False' Racial Profiling Claim

Source: Seattle Seahawks

The officers accused of using excessive force and racial profiling Seattle Seahawks athlete Michael Bennett during an incident in Las Vegas will not be facing any disciplinary charges.

In a report from the Associated Press, Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo said Friday that there was no evidence found of excessive force or racial profiling from the three police officers who came into direct contact with Bennett following an incident that occurred after the Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor fight in Las Vegas.

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Lombardo confirmed that Bennett did not commit a crime but refuted the athlete’s claims that a cop put a gun to Bennett’s head and threatened to blow his head off.

“From the evidence we have at this point, we don’t know (the officer) said that,” the sheriff said. The only officer that may face departmental discipline was the one who chased and handcuffed Bennett, for not having his body camera on at the time.

The incident, which Bennett recounted via Twitter, occurred when the NFL star and others who had attended the fight were returning to their hotel rooms when they heard what sounded like gunshots nearby. The police then singled the athlete out, with one of the police officers proceeding to tell Bennett that he would “blow my f**king head off” if the football player moved.

John Burris, Bennett’s attorney, said he wants to review the videos from the night more closely but believes that the footage verifies Bennett’s accounts.

“He was not acting improperly,” Burris said. “He was not acting suspicious. He was not involved in any criminal activity. There’s nothing to go on, no description, other than you see this big black man running. He was running like everyone else, trying to get away.”

Source: apnews.com

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