@Okayplayer was in the building this weekend for the 2017 New York Comic-Con where geeks, nerds and hip-hop fans all gathered to wax poetic about the culture.

This past weekend, yours truly found himself repping the @Okayplayer brand in a major way at the New York Comic Con. Taking place at the remodeled Jacob Javits Center in midtown Manhattan, thousands of cosplayers, gamers, comic lovers and hip-hop nerds came out to show off their A game costumes, hang out with friends and geek out on all the newness.

Unfortunately, your favorite neighborhood managing editor wasn’t able to cop his Miles Morales Spider-Man costume to join the fray, but I did manage to get our illustrious videographer Elliott Ashby in on this video idea we cooked up at the office. You see, hip-hop is a global phenomenon these days, and still people are just connecting the dots that the culture that is all over the places has roots in the comic world.

From characters such as MF Doom with his Doctor Doom mask to members of the Wu-Tang Clan with their comic-inspired surnames (Tony Starks, Johnny Blaze) — hip-hop and comics together developed new worlds of inspirations just from merging creativity with items that any kid in U.S.A. grew up loving. Who doesn’t want to be a superhero? And when you are — why wouldn’t you want hip-hop to be your theme music, right?

As MCs, producers, comic book lovers and the like traded comments and items during this past weekend’s New York Comic Con — @Okayplayer asked these colorful individuals about their favorite hip-hop rappers, what their superpower would be and who would make for an evil archnemesis.

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