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Outnumbered White Supremacists Cancel 'White Lives Matter' Rally In Tennessee

Source: YouTube

White Lives Matter protesters were outnumbered by counterprotesters in Shelbyville, Tennessee this weekend.

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On Saturday morning, a “White Lives Matter” protest organized by several national white supremacist groups took place, with protesters chanting “white lives matter” and “blood and soil.” However, a number of counterprotesters showed up to the rally as well, mocking the White Lives Matter participants as well as playing music over some of the speakers for the day.


As the Washington Post reports:

Throughout the morning, the counterprotest oscillated between mocking the rally and drowning it out with music. At various points, they played the Ghostbusters song, Michael Jackson’s “Black or White” and the theme song to Jeopardy. When the rally’s speakers tried to address the crowd they were drown out by “black lives matter” chants. In between speakers, organizers teased the white supremacists.

Fortunately, no violence broke out, with police officers barricading the White Lives Matter protesters and counterprotesters on opposite sides of the street. A second White Lives Matter protest was supposed to take place in Shelbyville later that day but was canceled after White Lives Matter protesters were outnumbered by counterprotesters, with the Post reporting that 300 people were in attendance — 100 White Lives Matter protesters and 200 counterprotesters.

Earlier this year the Unite The Right rally brought out a number of white supremacists to Charlottesville, Virginia. The rally ended in violence, with counterprotester Heather Heyer murdered by a white supremacist who drove his car into a group of counterprotesters. Richard Wilson Preston, a white supremacist present during the rally, also fired a weapon at black man Corey Long. Long was defending himself from protesters with a makeshift flamethrower when Preston shot his gun at the ground near Long.

Source: washingtonpost.com

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