Former Jackson Mayor Tony Yarber was getting ready for church on Sunday with his family when his wife pointed out a strange car parked in their driveway.

Yarber thought that someone might be lost or that the car might be disabled, so he went to investigate. That’s when the door to his own vehicle opened, and he kicked it on instinct.

Juwan M. Bibbs, 22, fell out of the truck, and Yarber grabbed him to take him to the garage in case Bibbs wasn’t alone.

“I wasn’t sure if there was a second person, so I didn’t want to stay out in the open,” he said.

But when Yarber got a good look at Bibbs and saw that he looked like a kid who went to his church, he got mad.

“He said some things that made me mad,” Yarber said. “He asked me not to kill him because he’s got a 2-month-old baby, and I’m like, ‘My kids are in my house right now.’”

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At that, Yarber sent his daughter inside to get his fraternity paddle and whooped Bibbs on the backside.

“When you break in people’s stuff, it’s because somebody ain’t whooped your tail,” he said as he swung the paddle in a video that his son made.

“I wasn’t gonna kill him, but if he was gonna go to jail and be out the next day I wanted him to know why he went,” Yarber later recalled.

Police then arrived on the scene, and the first officer there told Bibbs, “Wrong house, homeboy.”

However, Yarber later learned that Bibbs had a gun and was separated from his weapon when he fell out of the truck. Now, he can only say that he’s grateful his family is safe, knowing what could have happened.

“People keep talking about lethal force, but I don’t want to take any more credit than I should, but I guess if I’m putting on my other hat, my restraint came from God,” he said.