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Issue 27
Print Edition (134 pages)
September 2017
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What’s Inside Issue 27

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Editor’s Note By Ellen Holland p.10
Letters / Contest p.15
High Note p.128


Stylin’ with Sous Weed: Cannabis infused cuisine through the high art lens. By Elise McDonough p.76
On Pheno Safari with the Jungle Boys: When it comes to finding exotic terps, these boys are after big game. By Jimi Devine  p.84 
Hunting Big Buds in Bigfoot Country: Traditional cannabis cultivators continue to put in the dirty work for the cannabis industry. By Greg Zeman p.96


Seattle Joint Dinner: Culinary art soars to new heights with the infusion of cannabis. By Greg Zeman p.17
Glass and Grass: A look into Wind Home’s glass art photography. By K. Astre p.23
5 Trip-Tastic Album Covers: Getting lost in cover art can contribute to your enjoyment of music. By Max Savage Levenson p.27
Vicente Fox: Wants to make marijuana great again. By Chris Roberts p.31
The Finer Points of Tasting Connoisseur Cannabis: All five senses come alive when you host a blind bud tasting. By Nikki Laestrto p.34


Higher Self: Cannabis photographer uses her profession to develop a spiritual practice and meditation mandalas. By Dragonfly de la Luz  p.37
Elevated at the Art Museum: How learning to love cannabis helped to rekindle a passion for enjoying art in public. By Ricardo Baca p.43
Dear Dabby: Musings on cannabis. By Ngaio Bealum p.53


The Perfect Cure: Exploring the uncharted territory of moisture in marijuana and concentrates. By Ed Rosenthal p.57
Surviving Migraines with Cannabis: Medical marijuana can be an effective treatment for severe head pains. By Emily Earlenbaugh p.60 


The Art of Data: BDS Analytics compiles cannabis data points to watch industry trends. By Kristen Gwynne p.71
Oregon’s Sensimilla Worries: Hemp pollen could sow seeds of destruction. By Emery Garcia p.74
Marijuana Delivery: What should be a simple process gets complicated when it comes to cannabis. By Chris Roberts  p.73


Strain: Sour Banana Sherbert: With lineage tracing back to the long renowned AJ’s Sour Diesel, this strain is best for socializing. By Jimi Devine p.106
Book – Scratch and Sniff Book of Cannabis: This whimsical book is filled with smells alongside tidbits of cannabis history. Reviewed by David Downs p.109
TV – Disjointed : Netflix Original “Disjointed” Ushers Cannabis Culture Into the Mainstream. By K. Astre  p.111
Product Spotlight: Cannabis Drinks p.113
Reefer’s Closet – Subtly Stoney Chic: It’s not always the right time to adorn yourself in cannabis prints, so what else can you wear? By Coral Reefer p.117 
Colorful Cannabis Cubism: With bright splashes of fruit, these simple cannabis popsicles are a work of art. By Laurie and Maryjane p.126
Dispensary Profile – Columbia Care : New York dispensary provides for the few that can get through its doors, but doesn’t offer flowers per state law. By Mona Zhang p.125

Cannabis Now Magazine’s bi-monthly print edition is nationally distributed in Barnes & Noble, Hudson News, Books-A-Million, dispensaries, head shops, smoke shops, bookstores, and numerous other newsstand outlets including the U.K. and Canada. Cannabis Now Magazine’s digital app was the first cannabis magazine to be accepted by iTunes.

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