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Robin Antin Fires Back At Prostitution Claims

Pussycat Dolls creator Robin Antin did NOT take too kindly to an ex-member’s claims that she was really running a prostitution ring with her Vegas revue/pop group back in the day.

In the midst of the Harvey Weinstein drama, former Doll Kaya Jones spoke her own truth, and revealed that the Robin Antin sold the Pussycat Dolls dream to the group’s young singer/dancers as an opportunity to hit it big in the music industry…all the while twisting, manipulating, and abusing them into sexual encounters with big wigs. She even claimed the suicide death of Simone Battle was a result of similar abuses.

Robin caught up with The Blast and did just that to all of Kaya’s revelations. She called Kaya’s claims “disgusting, ridiculous lies,” and said that she was clearly just “looking for her 15 minutes.”

Furthermore, she says Kaya isn’t one to speak, since she was never officially a member of PCD anyway.

She says Jones was just one of the many girls that auditioned for the group over the years, but ended up washing out and never became a permanent fixture.

Antin is especially incensed that Jones would bring up former G.R.L. member Simone Battle‘s suicide, saying it’s not just “nasty,” but it’s unfathomable and disrespectful to everyone who works towards suicide prevention and awareness.

Hmmm. Honestly, if she really is running girl groups as a front to provide…services…to high-end clientele from unsuspecting beautiful young girls hoping to hit the bigtime with their talents, it’s not like she’s going to just ADMIT it the first time she’s called out. Do you believe Robin or Kaya?