Last year, multiple instances of racist graffiti at the Eastern Michigan University campus sparked fear and protests. Now, the former student responsible for the graffiti has been arrested: an African-American student named Eddie Curlan.

Curlan allegedly went through the campus and spray-painted “KKK” as well as the N-word. The first instance of vandalism was when “KKK” was painted at King Hall, and then in October, “leave n*****” was painted onto an exterior wall at Ford Hall. The third incident was a racial slur painted at a dorm bathroom.

While many around campus were relieved that the perpetrator has been found and arrested, many expressed surprise on seeing that Curlan was the one behind it.

“Why do you have such low self-esteem? It’s like looking down upon yourself,” said Roop Pallye.

While the faculty at the school is working to address the issue in a positive way after a year of protests, students at the school admitted that the graffiti had radically changed the tone of the campus when it happened.

“It’s really a shame that they inspired so much fear in people that they don’t know,” said Tyler Rush. “It doesn’t matter race or gender. Everyone was a little afraid last year.”