An easy way for me to see whether or not I like a device is whether I use it all the time. 

The Pixelbook is Google’s new Chromebook that runs Chrome OS, and I’m not usually a fan of Chromebooks. However, I found myself using the Pixelbook more than my 2016 MacBook Pro during my testing. 

I was surprised that I liked it so much. I genuinely love this device. 

But that’s largely because I was using a review unit, and I didn’t shell out for its $1,000 price tag. Once I considered the Pixelbook’s asking price, I realized that no matter how much I love the Pixelbook, it’s not for everyone. 

Check out the Pixelbook:

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I love almost everything about Google’s new Pixelbook, which is surprising because I’m not usually a fan of Chromebooks.

The metal design is beautiful, and I love the glass inlay that reminds me of Google’s Pixel phones.

It’s incredibly light and portable.

The Pixebook is only 10.3mm thick, which is pretty slim. It’s also incredibly light at 2.4 pounds. Combined with its thin design and light weight, the Pixelbook is a veritable portable device. 

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