Run The Jewels have released the music video to Run the Jewels 3 track “Call Ticketron.” The five minute video finds the rap duo at the end of a successful Madison Square Garden performance, only to be beckoned back by the audience for an encore.

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However, as they make their way back they see that venue has emptied. Little do they know, outside of the MSG walls an apocalypse has descended on Earth, with giant, laser-shooting spiders taking over the streets. What happens to our rap heroes by the end of the video? Well you will have to watch to find out.

Prior to this, the rap pair hinted that something related to “Call Ticketron” was coming. Earlier this week the group launched a new website that featured the song’s instrumental playing the background, accompanied by a clock counting down to 12:15pm.

Recently, Killer Mike said that once he is done rapping he plans to run for public office.

“Killer Mike you ever think about running for office? ATL would’ve honored to have you serve,” one fan tweeted.

“When I’m done rapping I’m Gonna run for school board,” Killer Mike responded.

Although it is unknown when the rapper’s school board campaign will begin, Killer Mike is no stranger to politics. In 2015, the rapper considered a write-in bid for the Georgia state house and was an avid supporter of Bernie Sanders during the 2016 election.

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