The Utah students who recorded a racist video on social media have been disciplined by Weber High, but the school will not disclose the details of the disciplinary action taken, citing the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act.

While the Weber School District would not give details on the discipline or the students involved, it did release a press release stating that the video caused “a substantial disruption at Weber High School and adversely affected many students including some minority students.”

–High school cheerleaders record video screaming ‘f**k n*ggers’–

“Weber School District has taken this matter very seriously. The investigation has now concluded and the school has taken appropriate action against the students,” the district said.

In the video, which went viral on social media and prompted threats against the girls involved, the white female students appear to be saying “f*** n****rs.” While the phrase they were actually using was “serggin cuff,” according to the caption under the Instagram video, the district’s statement said that the girls were aware of what the phrase sounded like when it was played backwards, as it was in the video.

“Although the students reported they were just playing around and it wasn’t directed at any particular person, it doesn’t excuse the fact they knew what the words sounded like when they recorded it and played it backwards,” the district said.