A Florida deputy was caught on camera stealing from the home of a man who died later that day after weathering Hurricane Irma on his own.

In newly-released footage, Palm Beach Sheriff’s Deputy Jason Cooke is seen entering Moe Rosoff’s home, searching through the bedroom and kitchen. According to Rosoff’s family, the deputy stole “several medications,” and when he left the house, he “pop[ped] something into his mouth.”

Cooke was caught on camera after police had responded to Rosoff’s son’s request for a welfare check on his 85-year-old father on September 12. After the welfare check, Rosoff, who had fallen and hit his head, was taken to the hospital by the Palm Beach Fire Rescue.

Over an hour later, Cook returned to the house, but he tripped a motion-sensitive camera when he did so, meaning his burglary was caught on camera.

Cooke was placed on administrative leave and then resigned and was arrested on October 19.

“The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office holds its employees to the highest standards and never forgets about its duty to preserve the public’s trust,” the sheriff’s office said in a statement concerning the burglary. “Unfortunately sometimes an employee makes a bad decision which leads to misconduct. D/S Cooke’s misconduct was reported to PBSO, we investigated and determined his actions were criminal in nature, resulting in the charges.”