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Protests Cause Cop Suspension After Grabbing Twin Teens By Braids

Hundreds of students walked out of a New Jersey High School in protest of a cop’s rough handling of twin classmates, according to NBC 4 NY. The altercation between the cop and the teen twin sisters were caught on video. Reportedly, Nyasia and Kyasia Sorrells said they were getting pizza on Thursday across from Orange High School when Officer Hanifah Davis tried to clear the corner.

Video was spread of Davis talking to Kyasia Sorrells and then telling Nyasia Sorrells to back up. When Nyasia Sorrells approaches, Davis grabs her by the hair and both girls end up on the ground with Davis on top of them. The forces this cop is using is ridiculous. Take a close look.

The school board staff member you see in the video who tried to intervene was ticketed. The twins face obstruction and resisting arrest charges; one of them also was charged with aggravated assault. Hundreds of students who attend high school with the young ladies marched to the police station Friday morning, chanting “We want justice!

The protest and video evidence helped bring some justice to the situation. Democratic Orange Mayor Dwayne Warren says the office on video, Hanifah Davis ,has been suspended pending an investigation. Officials said that the officer was also facing another, routine, investigation after he drew his service weapon.