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  • On Thursday, singer-songwriter Solange Knowles called out the Evening Standard for Photoshopping a braided crown out of her hairdo on the magazine’s latest cover.
  • Solange posted the unedited photo on her Instagram, along with the caption “dtmh @eveningstandardmagazine.”
  • The caption references the song “Don’t Touch My Hair” from her album, “A Seat at the Table.”
  • It’s a strange move for the magazine, especially since Solange talks openly about the importance of braiding in the cover story itself.
  • “[Braiding] is an act of beauty, an act of convenience, and an act of tradition,” the singer said.

Singer-songwriter Solange Knowles recently called out a London-based magazine for Photoshopping her hair, Teen Vogue reported.

Solange, who has famously embraced her natural hair since 2009, appears on the latest cover of Evening Standard with her hair in thin braids, flat against her head.

It turns out, however, that there was something missing from the picture.

On Thursday, the Grammy Award-winning singer posted the original image from the photoshoot, which shows a large crown of braided hair behind her head that was edited out of the final cover.

“Dtmh @eveningstandardmagazine,” Solange captioned the post — a reference to the song “Don’t Touch My Hair” from her critically acclaimed album, “A Seat at the Table.”

“Don’t touch my hair / When it’s the feelings I wear,” she sings in the song. She continues: “Don’t touch my soul / When it’s the rhythm I know. Don’t touch my crown.”

dtmh @eveningstandardmagazine

A post shared by Solange (@saintrecords) on Oct 19, 2017 at 9:25am PDT on


As Teen Vogue pointed out, many of the singer’s fans were equally as disappointed. Someone asked Evening Standard, “Why would you edit her lovely hair??” “Can’t believe they did that, so disrespectful,” another commented. And one person said: “They cut off her crown…how’s THAT for microaggression? Smh. Symbolic much?”

Many of Solange’s fans have also commented “DTMH” on Evening Standard’s Instagram post of the edited cover.

It’s certainly a strange move on the magazine’s part, which has yet to explain why it chose to alter Solange’s hair.

In fact, Solange even talks openly about the significance of her hair in her Evening Standard interview. “[Braiding] is an act of beauty, an act of convenience, and an act of tradition,” the singer said.

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