Stacy Francis is convinced that Rihanna is the one who should apologize to Chris Brown after the infamous assault back when the two of them were dating in 2009.

Francis had been watching the new documentary about Brown when she decided to take to social media to claim that Rihanna was the one who had been beating Brown and that the infamous incident happened when he fought back.

“LETS GET THIS STRAIGHT FINALLY! RIHANNA WAS BEATING UP CHRIS BROWN! Watching Chris Brown: Welcome to my life documentary on Netflix. And I am so blown away by his talent. I remember the night I heard about the fight with Chris and Rihanna. I was at the home of a very famous entertainment attorney in Los Angeles whose phone started ringing and the hysteria began. It was being reported that Chris and Rihanna were in the car and got into a huge fight,” Francis wrote.

She continued, “NOW WHAT HAD NOT BEEN REPORTED WAS!!! Rihanna had hit him and kicked him and thrown his phone out of the window in a jealous rage. We were told by an agent at CAA that he was being kicked by her and she scratched him and punched him in the face… and he retaliated. The next day it was all over the news that Chris had beat up Rihanna. It was never reported that she hit him. In several beatings by Rihanna. Chris never spoke of it. Until now in this documentary.”

She then decried the way the public had reacted, claiming that Rihanna had “played the victim” while Brown’s career was ruined. She added that there were others who knew the truth and that had supported Brown.

“The insiders in the industry knew the truth. They knew all the facts. If you are wondering why and how Chris still has a career. If you are wondering why he is able to still have a platform its because the powers that be knew the truth. And because he is super talented!” she wrote.