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Stream The Multi-Talented Cehryl’s New Four Song Offering, ‘Wherever It May Be’

Source: cehryl

Cheryl Bernadette Chow’s obsession for all things music comes to a head on her newest creation, Wherever It May Be, which you can stream below.

Hong Kong born-and-raised Cheryl Bernadette Chow has traveled all around the world with the intention of learning, creating and sharing experimental music. Performing under the name cehryl, Ms. Chow has taken her obsession and love of Chet Baker and Amy Winehouse and placed it into her newest work, Wherever It May Be.

A four-song offering, Wherever It May Be, marks her transition of her physical and emotional location. Following her previous two EPs (2015’s chamber music, 2016’s delusions) — Wherever It May Be was written, recorded and performed by cehryl in her bedroom over a Boston summer. Each song takes place as a different scene ranging from a “montage of bleak nostalgia” to an “acknowledgment of un-belonging.”

“This EP was written as a small bittersweet parting gift to the East Coast and to post-adolescence; it was written to embrace upcoming change as well as the fear that accompanies it,” cehryl said in a press release.

Stream Wherever It May Be below and keep an eye out for more from this talented multi-hyphenate.

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