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Study Reveals Black Writers Get Little Love In Hollyweird

Almost all of your favorite network TV shows and shows you like to stream regularly are most likely to never have a person of color in their writer’s room. According to Color Of Change, Black writers are STILL being shut out of Hollyweird. Even all Black casted TV shows feature someone White in their writer’s room.

Here’s what they found:

The study examined all 234 of the original, scripted comedy and drama series airing or streaming on eighteen networks during the 2016-2017 television season. Strikingly, 65 percent of all writers’ rooms had zero black writers, and less than 5 percent of writers were black. These hiring decisions are made by showrunners, and the report finds that 91 percent of showrunners across all 18 networks were white and 80 percent were men.

The report finds that in the 17 percent of cases where there is a single Black writer in a room, they are often excluded from influencing the creative process—especially when it comes to topics of race—and passed over for advancement. Out of nine procedural crime dramas analyzed, zero had black showrunners, and only one had multiple black writers Only 13.6 percent of shows led by white showrunners had two or more black writers in the writers’ room. By contrast, every writers’ room led by a black showrunner had multiple white writers.

Sheesh, Black writers, when they are lucky RARELY have an influence on the creative approach of the show. Just some research to gauge how far we’ve come in entertainment. Was this something YOU already guess?