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Suede the Remix God Talks Successes, Backlashes & Creating Viral Recording Stars [Interview]

Source: YouTube

With the ability to go viral at the push of a button, Suede the Remix God has built a status as one of the go-to-personalities for the best video memes on the web.

One of the year’s biggest memes was the undeniable smash hit, “Milds & That ‘Yac,” featuring former NFL superstar Shannon Sharpe celebrating his Denver Broncos’ win with a tried-and-true tradition of black culture. The move was already one of the most hilarious moments on television, but to the eye of Atlanta producer and DJ, Suede the Remix God, this was gold in the field being shined on by the sun.

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By now, you’re already familiar with the name and successes of Suede the Remix God, as he has continued to give us classics that cross over from viral sensation to chart-topping success. One of his most infamous gifts beside the forever-traditionally-must-play-jam, “UNameIt!” with Shirley Caesar has been Danielle Bregoli. Better known now as Bhad Bharbie, the recently signed Atlantic Records artist has Suede to thank for her success and bankroll.

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Flipping her now-ubiquitous catchphrase, “Cash me outside, how bow dah?” — Suede turned it into a smash that even appeared on the Billboard Hot 100 at no. 88. The 26-year-old is not shying away from the spotlight. Through developing his own coral of artists, building his reputation within the music industry and staying active on these here timelines — Suede the Remix God eked out some time to talk with @Okayplayer about facing Shirley Caesar in court, creating deals for internet stars and shares his plans for the upcoming 2018 season. Enjoy! — @KevitoClark

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